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About the Division

The flour-milling business has long been a key business for the company, which is why the Flour Division can rightly be considered as the leader of the holding company. The division's products are highly valued both in our country and abroad. To meet growing demand, Agropolis SABUROVO is constantly expanding its facilities' capacity.

Are shipped monthly from our plants
Are produced per year
130 000
350 000
The production volumes of flour-milling direction for today
tons of grain per day
tons of grain
tons of mixed fodder
4 500
Are shipped monthly from our plants
Are produced per year
The production volumes of flour-milling direction for today
Division contacts
Flour branch
+7 (495) 215 24 02, доб. 4023, 4083
Mixed fodder branch
+7 (495) 215 24 02, доб. 4049, 4052
Procurement of raw materials and components
+7 (495) 215 24 02, доб. 4068, 4060
Tare logistics
+7 (495) 215 24 02, доб. 4041
+7 (495) 215 24 02, доб. 4069, 4082
+7 (495) 215 24 02, доб. 4081
Bulk logistics, transportation by railway
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Flour branch
High technology, the careful selection of raw materials and responsibility of our employees have enabled us to produce one of the life's most essential products for decades. We produce more than 30 types of flour for the most demanding consumers, including multinational corporations. Agropolis Saburovo holds a leading position in the country's flour-milling business.
Высокие технологии, тщательный отбор сырья, любовь сотрудников к своему делу, все это позволяет нам вот уже несколько десятилетий производить один из самых необходимых для жизнедеятельности продуктов. Более 30 видов муки производим мы для самых требовательных потребителей, включая транснациональные корпорации. Агрополис «Сабурово» занимает лидирующие позиции в мукомольном бизнесе страны.

«Сабуровский комбинат хлебопродуктов» - главное предприятие Мукомольного дивизиона.
Руководитель производственной площадки Бычков Дмитрий Николаевич;

«Сабуровский комбинат хлебопродуктов Михайловское подразделение» - обособленное подразделение в Рязанской области
Руководитель ОП – Гуреев Сергей Валерьевич

«Сабуровский комбинат хлебопродуктов Тульское подразделение»- обособленное подразделение в г. Тула
Руководитель ОП – Срослов Дмитрий Николаевич
Mixed fodder branch
Agroopolis "Saburovo" is a major producer of high-quality mixed fodder for all types of farm animals, both for our own consumption and for third-party producers and farms. A certain formulation of fodder has a positive impact on the health and growth of animals
Procurement of raw materials and components
Our production is growing rapidly, so we are always open to cooperation with producers of raw materials and agricultural products.

We have a reputation for conducting a fair policy with our suppliers. We are careful to adhere the agreements, which makes cooperation with us profitable and risk-free.
One of the most important conditions for successful business is properly organised logistics. We pay great attention to delivery in our holding company, and our own flour trucks and railway wagons make the process much easier. And the loading of one flour truck takes only 10 minutes!

Also, our logistics service is always open to offers of logistic services. We are interested in quality deliveries of our products and consider your offers